Church Appropriate Dance Moves was an afterthought. An accident, really. It was part of another sketch I wrote called Mornings with Jesus: Urgency. During the editing, producer Jon Melton and I began talking: what if we did five minutes straight of dancing stories from the Bible? We started making up dances on the spot and everyone around us was laughing and really getting into it. A week later we filmed the dancing, and the rest is history. We landed somewhere around 6 million views across the internet–through Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, and SermonSpice. We were featured in MLive, Woman’s Day, and GodTube. Even still, it continues to be a top selling video for churches across the country.

Here are some of my most favorite reviews…


“Ladies and gentlemen, the death of reverence.” – BigG99

“This video is very disturbing…This is not worship, it is a sin.”  – C. Johnson

“All I could tolerate was 20 seconds of this crap.”  – Andy Derler

“How to look gay.” – Nate Johnson

“Am having a hard time deciding if this is sacriligeous or not…”Dianne Oertel

“The thing that this guy is doing is not good.” – Maria Shella Diaz

“People have no idea what irreverence means anymore…So sad.” –  Sheila Justus Davis

“I was waiting for something to laugh at, but never did.” – Tom Page

“This is stupid and i have a sence of humor.” – Marylen Trusty

“Actually thought it was a bit stupid” – Alice Mouton

“My house should be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves.” – Patricia Hagemann

“Personally, I think this guy is nuts.” – Cindy Burns Messer.

“Bit gay this : /” –  Nick O’Gorman