For the Life of the World is a seven-part film series that explores the deeper aspects of the Christian faith.

I was originally hired to co-write the series. About halfway through the project, I was tapped to be the host of series, too. The project was like a dream, a miraculous melding of everything I ever held dear: God, Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Saturday morning cartoons, and Mike Nichols.

The series has screened worldwide and features some of the most magnificent people I’ve ever met: Dr. Stephen Grabill, Dr. Anthony Bradley, Makoto Fujimura, and civil rights leader John M. Perkins.

One of the coolest things now, I go around the country and talk to students, churches, and church groups about how we made the film and digging deeper into what it means to live “for the life of the world.” If you want me to come to your neck of the woods, hit me up!


“‘For the Life of the World’ is the best treatment of faith & culture ever put on a screen. Just outstanding.” – Andy Crouch, Christianity Today

“Bursts with humor and creativity…” – Otto Selles, The Banner

“This is the film for which some of us have been waiting for 40 years!” – Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds

“This is an impressive series and we heartily award it our “Family-Approved” Seal!” – Ed Carpenter, Dove Foundation

“The series helped me fall in love with the Gospel…” – Joshua Rogers,

“Top 10 of 2014” – Editor’s Choice, The Gospel Coalition